COVID19 (Coronavirus)

COVID19 is an illness caused by a coronavirus (others of this type are responsible for the common cold). The virus was first detected in Wuhan, China. At the time of writing the virus has infected >1 million people, and has been responsible for the deaths of >55,000 people in >200 countries.

During the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic Stage 3 Restrictions we are making sure that our patients can continue to receive the high quality care that is expected.


Over the phone consultation is available to ALL patients where a clinical assessment is not deemed necessary. Please discuss this with our reception staff if you think you would benefit from a telephone consultation.

Coming To The Clinic

It is imperative that the minimal number of people arrive at the clinic at any one time. Adult patients should come alone. A child patient may be accompanied by one adult only.

We will aim to minimise waiting times for patients in the clinic. In the event of a time delay for your appointment the reception staff may advise you to remain in your car until the doctor is ready.

Please try to minimise what you are bringing to the clinic (eg. handbags, jackets, bags, etc). Where possible leave belongings in the car or at home.


The clinic is cleaned thoroughly as per current Department of Health and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners guidelines.

We are using "Viraclean", a hospital grade disinfectant proven to be effective against coronavirus, on all applicable surfaces and equipment.

Clinic Hours

In an effort to minimise risk for patients we have elected to reduce our clinic hours to 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday only. Outside of these hours clinical assessment and telephone advice can be acquired for patients directly from your doctor. Click here to see phone numbers.

Simple Things For You To Do

1. Stay at home unless you need to leave for work or food/supplies.

2. Practice good hygiene (hand washing)

3. Practice social distancing

4. Isolate yourself if unwell

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