​Consultation Type
Standard (23)
Long (36)
Extended (44)
Standard Home Visit (24)
Long Home Visit (37)
Extended Home Visit (47)
After Hours (599) *11pm-7am
After Hours (585)
*Discount fee requires HCC or Valid Student Card
Skin Cancer Fees








We are a mixed billing practice.


Pension Card holders and Children under the age of 16 will be bulk billed for general consultations.

Health Care Card holders and Students will be offered a discount fee for general consultations.

There is no bulk billing or discount fees available on Saturday.


Bulk billing is not available for surgical procedures.

Payments must be made at the time of consultation and can be made via Credit Card or Cash.

Your Medicare rebate can be transferred instantly to your nominated account.

Long Appointments are generally required for the following:

Cervical Cancer Screening

Mental Health Care Plans

Health Assessments

Multiple Medical Problems

Integrative Medicine