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Skin Cancer Medicine & Surgery

Skin Cancer Medicine at Balwyn Doctors

Taking Care of Your Skin

Skin cancer surveillance is essential living in the Australian sun.

Dr Ashvin can provide services related to skin cancer from routine screening to complex surgical procedures (flaps/grafts).

Those at high risk for skin cancer are recommended to have at least annual skin screening. A full skin check involves examination of the whole body skin surface and lymph node basins. Dr Ashvin can complete photography where appropriate for monitoring of skin lesions.


A 15% discount on all Skin Cancer Fees is available for children, Pension Card and Health Care Card holders.


Full Skin Check (Including Digital Photography) 
Standard Consultation <15min  $135

Long Consultation 15-30min  $175

You or your doctor may have already identified a skin lesion that is suspicious for skin cancer.

Specific Lesion Review or Serial Monitoring (Including Digital Photography)

Up to 2 Lesions $80

3-5 Lesions $100

Surgical procedures can be completed at the practice. Fees are at or below the Australian Medical Association (AMA) fee recommendations.


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